Gummo (1997)



Director: Harmony Korine
Writer: Harmony Korine
Starring: Jacob Sewell, Nick Sutton, Lara Tosh, Jacob Reynolds, Chloë Sevigny

Harmony Korine is like Todd Solondz on steroids. This is the first film I have seen from Korine and I must say it is difficult to say is it really bad or really good. At least it feels very real – so real that it could be a documentary. Characters are very naturalistic. Every role looks and feels like a real person – even thou escaped from Deliverance (toothless-banjo-playing-kind). This film is a peek to a life of a ’white trash’ in Xenia, Ohio – real or not doesn’t really matter – it’s still a strong reminder of the difference between social classes in the US (and anywhere else). All persons who like cats should prepare themselfs of seeing some brutal cat killing scenes.