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Poem: Russell Brand’s woodshed

In many of Russell Brand’s videos, if I zone out,
I notice myself of thinking of his firewood situation.
Now he is stacked, winter was mild in Britain
or he just ordered new batch of firewood.
Does he chop the wood himself
or hire someone to do it for him,
while he watches behind the window wearing his posh red morning gown and holding a hot cup of earl grey tea in his hand.
Or perhaps he is a kind of man who leaves all physical work to his wife,
while he himself is occupied on higher levels of function – thinking.
I can imagine his wife chopping those moldy wet logs,
naturally still wearing high heels and fake nails from last nights Gala Dinner.
Russell is watching behind the window, drinking tea, wearing that posh red morning gown and thinking:
”I should have made her sign that prenup.”


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